Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to Ireland!

Hi All-
So I have decided to again attempt to blog about my fourth year rotation adventures.  Also, I figured it would be easier to keep you updated on my comings, goings, and shenanigans through this rather than repeating myself through emails.  So, here it goes... hopefully it's witty and charming, like me.

Let me start with the plane flight... long story short- turbulence, 60 year old American female talker next to me, 3 movies, no sleep, no cute irish boys sitting next to me... NEXT.

So, as you know I arrived in Dublin yesterday morning at about 7am and then had to take a bus from the Dublin airport to Cork City Centre.  According to google maps, driving "time" (see time is in quotations here, this will make sense throughout the month but time is sort of a loose term to many people in this country... which I actually adore) from Dublin to Cork is about 2.5 hours.  Anyways, my bus left (on time) at 8:30am from Dublin but... I arrived in Cork at about 1pm.  "WHAT!?" is what you might be thinking.  See I was a little confused myself.  I pretty much had passed out to a point where I was either snoring like a freight train or people were probably staring at my chest to see if it was actually rising and falling (therefore not perverted but rather seeing if I was breathing).  I would sleepily wake up about every hour, and seeing as though I really had no idea how to get to Cork, I had no way of knowing how far away we were.  Once I got to Cork I had to call my landlord in order to find out how to get to my house.  The telephone numbers here are odd and are 10 digits long and start with a 0.  Soooo the genius that I am I couldn't figure out how to dial it on a pay phone.  Yes, by "genius" I mean idiot.  But, the silver lining to my stupidity was I got to see how charming the Cork residents really are.  I went into a coffee shop and one of the workers used her personal cell phone to place the call for me.  SO sweet.

I made it to my house which is located across the street from University College Cork on Western Road. It is a 6 bedroom house with 6 other people besides me living in it.  Everyone seems really very nice.  I live downstairs across from an American couple, Maggie and Branden.  Branden is studying at UCC for his PhD in medieval history focusing on female saints and awesomeness.  Upstairs lives Eiream, an Irish medical student, David, an Irish Law student, John, a Scottish/Austrailian professor (apparently he is from Scotland but has an Austrailian accent... ? No clue), and Martin who is from Botswana and is an anesthesiologist at University Hospital.  We have our own international Real World up in here.

Today was my first day "at the office."  The office is located at St. Finbarr's Hospital which is about 800 years old.  No, I am just kidding, it's about 260 years old.  Did I mention it's haunted. Yes, haunted, but I will get into that in a second.  I have my own desk and computer, baller style.  Everyone is really nice there too... so I have decided that all Irish people are nice.  Simple deductions really.  My walk to work is about 40 minutes but it is very brisk outside so it's a nice walk.  On my way home I almost got ran over by a construction worker who then decided to chat me up for about 10 mins... not entirely sure of what all he said but I have decided to take it as flattery.

Oh yes, the haunted stuff... So the offices are located on the top floor of one of the buildings on campus. This floor has been uninhabited for about 60 years and when I jokingly said, "I bet it's haunted" my coworker said, "Yes.  It is." Very serious.  I will let you know if there are any sightings.

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