Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun with 'Teeth and Lips'

 The past few days have been amazing but VERY busy.  My Brother, Cason, and my Sister-in-law, Meghan, came into town for the weekend!  I seriously don't even know where to begin...

They arrived Thursday while I was stuck at work so they went to the Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Midleton, which is very close to Cork... LUCKY... meanwhile I was dealing with TB, glorious.  (that sounded like I personally have TB but don't fear, I was just dealing with those who may or may not have it...I am not sure if that is very comforting either).  SO, I finally got off work and met up with the two! We had dinner, which was delicious.  Just so everyone knows, the food here is fantastic.  I think it is because it is all fresh and mostly from local farmers.  They don't have to mark things "Organic," because everything is so that would just be redundant and silly.  Take note America...

After dinner we found the amazing place, The Woolshed Baa (not a mistype).  It's an Austrailian (I think?) owned pub with an unreal amount of televisions and a giant screen with a bleacher type seating arrangement.  Also there is a giant Ram head outside so that is pretty sweet.  At this heavenly place they have this giant list of shots, including but not limited to, Flaming Gorilla Titties, Duck Fart, Shit on the Grass, etc...  Casey and I decided to take a Duck Fart.  I believe it had Kaluha, Jack Daniels, and Bailey's in it, and yes, it was delicious.  And then we arrived at the (vampire) Reity's Pub which was close to where Casey and Megs were staying.  If some of you read my postings from my time spent in Louisiana you may have noticed I sort of have an obsession with vampires.  Well good news, Casey and Megs do too!  Anyways, when we walked in there was only a group of (I think) eastern Europeans in one of the nooks and then an 80-ish year old woman behind the bar; presumably she was the owner.  Mind you, this is about 11pm on a thursday so a bit strange that a lady of her age is working behind a bar... so naturally we came up with some wild theories.  Basically, Casey and I believed that she was a vampire.  To be continued...

Friday: Yes, now I am making day to day descriptions of everything we did.  You're welcome.
I had to work in the morning, lame, so Megs and Casey went to Blarney Castle.  I met them after I got off of work, half day what up, and we headed to Kinsale (yes I went there last weekend but whatever it's amazing there).  Casey REALLY had to see this fort that was "only about a mile hike," according to him, but, he declined to mention it was uphill the ENTIRE way... WTF Ireland, get it together with your damn hills.  Luckily when we arrived it was well worth the hike and was absolutely gorgeous.  It was about 4:15 pm when we got there and the place closed at 5, but we figured how long could we stare at a giant fort for really and that 45 minutes was more than enough time, even after the welcome center lady thought that we would be rushed.  We think she may have been a little obsessed with Charles Fort.  She was French (random fact of the post).  When discussing the rules of the fort to us while pointing to a map of the fort, she insisted that we "do not walk on the parapets.  They are very 'slippy' and 'danjorous'."  The fort was enormous and really pretty but I think the most fun we had was the 15 minutes we spent where Megs and I hid in these crevices off of a path in the fort and tried to time it so that Casey would get a picture as we jumped out, hopefully mid-air.  Yes we are all adults.

"Hell" Hill
                                                           Charles Fort

Again, I am apologizing for how long this post may become... A LOT happened.  I need to write more than once a week.  Sorry, friends.

When we got back from Kinsale, after a bus ride with quite the attractive bus driver (weird because I thought they were all about 80 years old and it is always frightening since they could literally croak at any moment driving around the most curvy, cliffy roads ever- shout out the Megs for that one.) We went to a vegetarian restaurant that was ridiculously good.  Who knew I liked veggies THAT much, I sure as hell didn't.  But don't worry... the drinking of Irish stouts continued so I definitely cancelled out my veggie dinner.  Obviously we went back to the Vampire bar to visit our Vampire lady.  Megs thought she was cute (she was).  Megs was obviously glamoured.  The bathroom of this place was through two doors in the way back and all the lights were off back there.  One of the stalls in the women's bathroom said "staff only."  Now tell me that isn't weird... Nah she was a very nice woman though.

Fun fact:  Irish people are obsessed with John Denver.  OK that might of been a bold statement, but seriously I heard "Take me home, Country Roads," twice this weekend and played by 'Irish' bands or singers.  I enjoyed it though since I could sing along.  We heard this song, in what now is most probably my favorite pub, An Spailpin Fanach.  Do not ask me how to say it or what it means because I have no idea.  What I do know is they play some awesome music and they have Murphy's on tap. :)  I forgot to mention that the amazing Megs brought me 3 bags of "Teeth and Lips" gummy candies from Sainsbury's in London.  This means we got a little crazy with them...

Mature and S.E.X.Y.

Like a beautiful portrait


Saturday we decided to go to Foto Island and Cobh.  Foto Island is a wildlife park where they have some animals roaming around next to you, like the Mara (see below because they are adorable) and apparently some ring-tailed Lemurs but we didn't see those.  They had monkeys, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, kanagroos, and awesomeness.  We were so close to the animals!  It was amazing but a little frightening with the cheetahs since there was really nothing stopping them from climbing a tree and jumping the fence and eating us... but still cool.  They had these night houses for the monkeys to play in where there is just some glass separating you and the monkey.  I had my face pressed up to the glass and a freaking monkey swung from the other side of the cage and banged into the glass right where my face was.  What an ass... scared the crap out of me and he was just laughing at me, mocking me... but little does he know, I was mocking him because he hasn't evolved yet.  Sucker.  And, in case you were wondering, Yes we did see two monkeys doing it.
Ugh, love Penguins

It's a Mara!

Freaking Giraffes

Cheetah... way to close for comfort but he looks so peaceful.

We then went back to the Woolshed to watch the Ireland v Scotland Rugby match.  This sport is awesome (another fun fact, apparently Irish people think Americans say awesome all of the time, maybe we do, but they don't, so now I am using it more).  We met a group of really awesome Irish guys there who were in town from Kerry to celebrate their friends 30th birthday.  This is where the real entertainment began... or Craic as they call it.  I won't bore you with too many details but I will tell you one story that all 3 of us just thought was hilarious.  One of the guys was telling us how he was working with a pitchfork and somehow stabbed himself in the foot with it.  He tried to pull it out but was not able to, probably because the pitchfork went through his foot and stabbed in the ground.  I guess one of his older neighbors heard him hollering and came over to him and said, "quit your whinging" and yanked it out of his foot! what the hell- crazy irish men, gotta love them!  Anyways two of the guys sat around and chatted with us for awhile until they had to leave for their party.  So we went back to the Irish pub that I can never pronounce the name.  They had a full irish band playing... and oddly enough they played "Wagon Wheel," and yes, I was the only one who knew all the words.  Thank you Florida.  We met a few more irish people there and we got them to put in some gummy teeth too!! Also, apparently the way I said "Yea" when one of them asked me if it was ok if they put their drink on my table made them think I was Irish, so when I spoke more the guy said "WTF!? You're American!?"  Seriously dude... what gave it away?  Naturally we closed down the pub, because that is how the Moores do things, so we had to go to a "late night club/pub" which was Crane Lane.  Yup, you couldn't move ATALL in there... but it was fascinating watching all of the hammered people pour out of the pubs at 2am.  I am pretty sure someone got thrown in a fountain... brings me back to the FSU days...

I almost totally forgot- at the pub there was a group of about 8 women dressed up in different outfits.  I think there was a cavewoman, a 80s lady, a slutty cop, a witch (Casey called her Gandalf), a cowgirl, and then some lady dressed in a pink super hero/race car driver outfit... was there a character on Speed Racer like that??  Anyways they were probably all over 40 years old, we believe it was a "Hen" party but we will never truly know.  I just wish I had some pictures to do it justice.  All I know is I really hope I am still out partying like that when I get older.

As you can see it was a pretty hectic weekend, so Sunday we were all incredibly exhausted.  But, we had to round out the weekend with a trip to the Cork Butter Museum... So now I know way more about Kerry Gold Butter than I ever thought I would, nor would I ever truly want to know...

I am sure I missed a lot about their visit but it is pretty long already... I will write more often and add in things I forgot!  Anyways I miss everyone at home and hope everyone is well!

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