Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fanny Pants. Part 2.

Maybe it is time for me to explain the title of my last post and this one... Sorry Grandma, it is a little crude :/
Throughout my time here I have come to learn that certain words we say in the United States DO NOT mean the same in Ireland.  For example, Pants = Underwear in Ireland.  SO, when I say, "Yay, I found some sweet green pants to wear for St. Patty's day!"... People here will think I am saying I found some green underwear.  So, I told the guys about this, and being in the state we were in, we found it hilarious.  Also, the word Fanny, while we used it is a kind way to say "Butt" as children, really means a woman's private parts here... So only imagine how odd that could be misconstrued TERRIBLY.  I also told this to the guys... therefore the words Fanny Pants came together and we used them quite often, and it really doesn't mean anything.  SO there you have it.  I am a dork.

Ok, so after that tangent, where did we leave off on the last post?  Oh yea... Making water.  After we ran into the Black Leprechaun, we made our way to a pub called Fitz Simmons but were ushered into the basement for one of two reasons, 1. The upstairs was too crowded, or 2. they put all the foreign people in the basement as to separate the Irish from all the annoying tourists (I kid you not I don't think there were any Irish people down there aside from the Bartenders and the guy playing the guitar at the front).  After paying about 6 Euro for a pint of Guinness we started to enjoy the live music... which included but not limited to, a couple standard Irish pub songs, Oasis, The Proclaimers (the two guys that sing that If I could walk 500 miles song... they love that freaking song here), and other random songs... Luckily they played "Galway Girl" (shout out to Brit-- this song is about ME!).  After we had a couple of rounds of way too overpriced beer in a very dark basement we decided to head out and check out another place.  Inside of the bar I felt like it was midnight (truly it was about 3pm), so when we walked outside I had to shield my eyes and I felt like a vampire.  (how many vampire references do you think I can make in these posts, over/under?).  So, the weekend Casey and Megs were here we met some guys from Kerry, one who happened to be in Dublin for St Patrick's Day visiting with a friend, so we went to meet up with them, because let's face it... St Patty's in Ireland, you need to have some real Irishmen around!

This turned out to be really handy, since one of them lived in Dublin, because they knew exactly where to go!  At the first bar we met them at, I went to the bar to get a round of beverages because it was my turn to get them.  A guy was totally crowding the bar, chatting with his friends, with a full glass in his hand... me being way too polite (sarcasm) just death stared at him until he got the hint and moved out of the way, and I just sheepishly smiled (thinking in my head, "you a-hole") when he said to me, "I bet you think I am a real Arse."  I just smiled and nodded... to which he announced to everyone around him how I called him an A-hole.  Real slick Alli... I think he thought it was funny though?  Eh whatever... back to the MUCH cooler people I was with...

Advice: Kebabs... NOT the best food to eat while drinking all day, especially Spicy Kebabs...

So, the powers that be in Rugby decided that St. Patrick's Day would be the perfect day to have the Ireland v. England match in the big RBS 6 Nations tournament... oh yea, get about half a million, mostly drunk, irish and irish-loving tourists together in one town to root on a team against a team that they loathe... well I thought it was fun! :)  We thought we should eat before we headed to another pub to watch the match and this is where they all wanted Kebabs... while they were delicious... the pub we went to to watch the game was insanely hot and the heavy kebab in my tummy, ickyness.  But don't worry, that passed and we went on to yet another pub to catch the end of the butt-kick by England rugby match.  Lame.

At this pub we met two Irish girls, who basically just insulted my friends for about 2 hours, one with terrible B.O. but they were nice to me and convinced one of the guys to get me a beer when I was empty handed, so B.O. or no B.O. I thought she was cool.  The pub crawl continues... Where we ended up in some weird side street with a lot of Gypsies and "Knackers" (i think that is how you spell this?)  This is where we got to hear the issue with "Knackers," apparently they are the Irish people who like to wear full track jacket/jump suit combos and gold chains and their girlfriends have 6 kids from 5 different guys... perhaps they may adorn some facial scaring from knife know like Jerry Springer types or perhaps those that live on the Jersey Shore.  Well while we were outside the pub, I am guessing 4 or 5 gypsies/knackers approached us for money... and these people were AGGRESSIVE,  but we were safe (Don't worry mom and dad).

The final pub we went to, because basically everyone was exhausted from a wonderful day of drinking and people watching, had two separate bars... one with more modern music, and one with death metal music!  I liked the death metal one because it reminded me of the Dungeon in New Orleans that I told you all about in my blog about Louisiana... again, I believe there were vampires in this one too (they are everywhere... 2nd vamp ref in this post alone.  I have a problem).  Some other things happened at that pub... just some things are better left in Dublin and I have a duty to 'do no harm.'  St Patrick's Day: END.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing really... my American friends had to leave to go back to the US on Sunday, but I stayed and hung out with the Irish guys.  We went and had a traditional Irish breakfast, which was 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and black and white pudding... for those of you who don't know what black and white pudding is, basically the black pudding is made from BLOOD and the white pudding is made from stomach or something equally as gross.  (Reason number 38 I think vampires live in ireland: Black pudding- ref 3) So, my waitress was really nice and gave me extra bacon instead of that gross stuff... My Irish friends thought that was crazy, but I don't eat blood.  Sorry folks.  We walked around Phoenix Park after breakfast, and after my GIANT cup of black coffee, because it was gorgeous out.  This is where the Irish President lives in what looks like almost an exact (but smaller) replica of our White House.  Also, there were about 30 deer just roaming the park, chilling out, not caring that we were all of about 50 feet away from them... and they had huge antlers.  Come to think of it, maybe they didn't care because they could just stab us with those if we got too close... unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them.  On this walk we went to see the Giant white cross that was constructed where Pope JP2 spoke and where 1,000,000 Irish people came to see him in 1979 (I think?).  REALLY random... I did get to eat some ice cream there, which was pretty sweet.

So, all-in-all an absolutely amazing weekend in Dublin, I didn't want it to end.  I am sure I missed some things about the weekend, but it was a whirlwind of amazingness and one can't remember to write every second of everyday of a weekend ;)
Ireland's version of Red Bull: Shark Stimulation... Tastes like vitamins.

Bird poop covered statue


The group... Yes I was the only girl, Lucky lady I am! Also look at my sweet green pants ;)


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